Meizu 19 is set to be launched on December

In March 2021, Meizu officially released the Meizu 18 series. It has been almost two years since now. In the current mobile phone market, the iteration time can be regarded as quite long. Meizu has finally officially announced recently that it will hold the 2022 Meiyou Conference on December 23 to share relevant news about Meizu 19 with Meizu.

As a flagship product that has been silent for a long time, although the Meizu 19 series has not yet been released, it has never lacked discussion and attention. At the Meizu Conference 2022, Meizu officials will explain to everyone the reason why the Meizu 19 iteration time is “outrageously long”, and show the true face of the Meizu 19 series of mobile phones that users deeply participated in the design.

According to the latest news, Meizu has two models shown in the firmware database, the models are M381Q and M391Q, which are expected to be Meizu 19 and Meizu 19 Pro, which may be equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform.

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