New Realme GT Neo5 Reveals That It Has Black And White Panda Color Scheme

OnLeaks exposed the appearance of the real me GT Neo5 mobile phone. Judging from the revelations, Realme GT Neo5 will adopt the classic panda color scheme, with a white body and a large black rectangular camera module. At the same time, We noticed that the design of the black glass part of the lens module of this product is unusual, and there is a space on the right that seems to contain a mystery.

For such a design, netizens have developed a wide-ranging idea. Some netizens think that a piece of “blank space” may be a secondary screen. After all, it is not a new thing to have a secondary screen. Some netizens think that this area will be put on the joint logo or the signature of the master. At present, it is impossible to guess the specific design elements based on an exposed rendering, but the realme GT Neo series has always had its own unique highlights in design.

Realme GT Neo2 has achieved innovation in color matching, bringing a “black mint” color matching design of black and fluorescent green, and at the same time, the surface of the fuselage has also been treated with a satin matte process, combining urban, technological and functional The three key elements of sex are well integrated together. Realme GT Neo3 even adopts the double-stripe design of the track, which integrates track elements into the design of the mobile phone. In addition, there is also the Real Me GT Master Edition, which is designed by the design master Naoto Fukasawa himself, and has won the favor of many users with its unique design.

In addition to the design, the digital chat site previously broke the news that the real me GT Neo5 will use a new generation of 240W super fast charging, and use the IMX890 OIS main camera, which is expected to be stronger than the GT Neo 3 series. Except for the breaking news, the official information about this product has not been disclosed at present, and Mobile Home will continue to pay attention.

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