OPPO OHealth H1 Home Smart Health Monitor, A Reliable Family Health Management Center

On December 14th, the OPPO Future Technology Conference 2022 (OPPO INNO DAY 2022) was officially held with the theme of [Towards Goodness·Three Lives and All Things]. This conference not only brought OPPO’s second self-developed chip Mariana MariSilicon Y and Andes Smart Cloud, but also released the first smart health concept product for home users – OHealth H1 Home Smart Health Monitor. OHealth H1 adopts a simple and rounded design style in appearance design, the size is very small, very much like a mouse.

OHealth H1 is composed of the body and the APP platform. The body of OHealth H1 can provide a variety of medical-grade precision vital sign measurements, including body temperature, ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen, cardiopulmonary sound auscultation measurement and sleep monitoring. function, to achieve full coverage for users. At the same time, the APP can also enable users to comprehensively record and manage the health data of individuals and family members, so that users can master the health data of the whole family by one person, and provide reliable medical-grade sign data support for online consultation through the APP. At the same time, OHealth H1 gives full play to the storage and management capabilities of Andes Smart Cloud, and realizes the data exchange between the user end and the doctor end through the OHealth APP, successfully connecting doctors and patients. After the user’s authorization is passed, the doctor can remotely grasp the user’s health status and related data, and conduct remote health consultation after analyzing the data.

In fact, before the release of OHealth H1, OPPO has been in the health field for nearly 2 years. Not only has it established its own health laboratory, but it has also independently developed the OPPO Sense® sports health algorithm, which provides users with many differentiated health monitoring functions such as adult sinus rhythm, atrial fibrillation reminders, and 24/7 heart rate monitoring.

OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong once said that “health can be done as a lifelong career.” He said that OPPO regards health as one of the company’s missions, which shows OPPO’s determination to explore the field of health. I believe that in the future, OPPO can build a more complete healthy ecology through its own continuous efforts.

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