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February 9, 2023—Shenzhen, China—Technology trendy brand realme held its first new product launch conference in 2023, and officially launched a new generation of trendy e-sports flagship – Realme GT Neo5. As realme’s leapfrog masterpiece at the beginning of the year, Realme GT Neo5 adheres to the brand concept of “dare to leapfrog” and brings three major technological leapfrogs. The world’s first mass-produced 240W full-level second charge, with “charging for 30 seconds, talking for 2 hours”, reached the peak of flash charging in the industry; the industry’s first awakening halo system, which has both a sense of e-sports and a sense of technological trends; joint with Tell Labs Create the industry’s first five-star e-sports standard, equipped with Snapdragon 8+ and super-frame independent display chip Plus, 144Hz+1.5K flagship direct screen, 1500Hz e-sports control engine, ice core dual-phase cooling system Max, and supports up to 16GB+ The combination of 1TB full-level memory brings full-level experience in many aspects. Realme GT Neo5 can be called the most upgraded generation in the history of this series and the most powerful performance experience.

Realme GT Neo5 will be officially launched on February 15th, with a starting price of only 2,499 yuan, and the version with the highest 16GB+1TB, the first sale price is 3,499 yuan.

Xu Qi, Vice President of Realme, President of Global Marketing, and President of China, also said at the press conference: Realme GT Neo5 is an existence that surpasses the definition of the Neo series. It has become the strongest generation of GT Neo products in the history of realme, bringing The most substantial performance upgrade and the industry’s first leapfrog technology, but also innovated a brand new trendy interactive design.

The world’s first mass-produced 240W full-scale instant charging, mobile phone flash charging has entered the countdown era

Realme GT Neo5 brings the world’s first mass-produced 240W full-level second charge, which is the first in the industry to reach the highest charging power of the current Type-C interface, and realizes the breakthrough of flash charging technology.

The 240W full-level second charging has realized three first flash charging technologies – the industry’s first 240W charging architecture, customized three-way charge pump, and a conversion efficiency of up to 98.5%; the first industry-leading 12A custom charging line; and the world’s first 240W Dual GaN mini charger, the size is basically the same as the previous generation, and the charging power is increased by 60%. As Xu Qi said, “Where is the upper limit of the technical theory, there is the real self’s flash charging technology.” As the popularizer and leader of the flash charging technology, the real self leapfrogged directly to the full-level flash charging experience.

This time, Realme GT Neo5’s 240W full-level second charge realizes the cross-generation experience of “charging for 30 seconds and talking for 2 hours”, and it can charge to 20% in 80 seconds, directly eliminating the red low battery prompt and saying goodbye to battery anxiety. This unprecedented charging speed and instant charging experience makes mobile phone flash charging truly enter the countdown era!

Realme not only achieved the leapfrog charging technology to the top, but also opened a new exploration of the flash charging technology. Realme debuted AI smart charging technology, which intelligently recognizes the charging scene and automatically matches the appropriate charging mode. At the same time, it also supports charging in extreme cold mode, which can achieve the industry’s lowest charging operating temperature of minus 20 degrees.

Realme GT Neo5 is the world’s first 240W high-power product that has obtained the German TÜV Rheinland safety fast charging certification. It is also the industry’s first ultra-200W long-life flash charging solution. It has a whole PS3 fireproof design and has passed the limit test far higher than the industry standard. Realme not only pursues leapfrogging user experience, but also pursues leapfrogging product safety.

The first release of the awakening halo system, a new dimension of interactive experience

Realme GT Neo5 breaks the industry limitations of mobile phone design in terms of color, material, and craftsmanship, and closely combines trendy elements with technological elements to create a brand-new RGB transparent design. Its inspiration comes from the transparent gaming chassis. The appearance of this design gives performance a visual expression for the first time. The lens module part is composed of a metal camera DECO and a fully transparent performance structure design, creating a strong visual impact and full of texture. The fully transparent glass back cover can display the real internal structure arrangement, including NFC antenna, RGB light strip, motherboard positioning screws, etc., as well as a custom stainless steel chip nameplate, highlighting the powerful performance of the flagship processor. At the same time, in order to achieve a more extreme transparent effect, the transparent area also adopts the industry’s first transparent double-film zero-noise process, which has no coating residue and no noise particles. The back of the fuselage is made of a whole piece of glass, presenting a unique layered visual effect through complex matte fusion technology.

The innovative trendy interactive design – the awakening halo system, makes the real me GT Neo5 more playable in the interactive experience. Awakening Halo has different ways of playing in charging, daily application notifications and other functions, and also supports 25-color customization, which may be the most fun breathing light in the industry. In addition, there are e-sports violent light effects that excite the game party, and are deeply adapted to a variety of mainstream games. For example, when playing King of Glory, different light effects are displayed at different killing moments, and the e-sports atmosphere is directly filled.

This time, in terms of color matching, Zhenwo GT Neo5 has created three color schemes: Purple Domain Fantasy, Holy Land White, and Zhou Ye Black. The innovative AG diffuse reflection technology is used to highlight the flagship texture.

Combined with Thiel Labs to create a five-star standard for e-sports and reshape the new standard for e-sports flagships

In order to create a more extreme gaming experience, realme and China’s Tell Labs have implemented the industry’s first performance test standard based on mobile phone gaming scenarios on Realme GT Neo5 – the five-star gaming standard for battery life, performance, and heat dissipation. The five major e-sports experience dimensions of , control, and network have established scientific evaluation algorithms and standards. Realme GT Neo5 has been comprehensively upgraded and optimized for these five dimensions, bringing the most significant performance leapfrog in the history of this series.

In terms of battery life, Realme GT Neo5 brings the industry’s fastest flash charging experience while playing. It adopts a new generation of Hybrid charging algorithm, and it only takes 17 minutes to fully charge when playing Honor of Kings while charging, which is less than the time of a game. , it can revive the mobile phone with full battery power, bringing long-lasting battery life guarantee to gamers.

In terms of performance, Realme GT Neo5 brings a flagship dual-core combination, equipped with Snapdragon 8+ flagship chip, and a new generation of super-frame independent display chip Plus, allowing users to enjoy a new gaming experience with higher frame rate and lower power consumption. In addition, Realme GT Neo5 also supports a combination of up to 16GB+1TB of full-level flash memory. It is equipped with the Realme Whirlwind memory engine for the first time, which can keep up to 45 background applications alive, and realize multi-application switching without freezing.

In terms of heat dissipation, Realme GT Neo5 brings Realme’s strongest cooling system so far. The brand-new ice core dual-phase change heat dissipation system Max uses the largest graphene phase change soaking plate in the industry at present, reaching 6580mm². At the same time, the area of ​​stainless steel VC is greatly upgraded to 4500mm², the largest area in the history of Zhenwo, allowing mobile phones to Maintain high performance and play various games coolly.

In terms of control, Realme GT Neo5 is equipped with the industry’s first 144Hz+1.5K flagship direct screen, uses flagship T7+ luminescent materials, 1400nit ultra-high local brightness, supports 7-speed intelligent frame rate adjustment, and 2160Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, not only The screen display is clear and smooth, and it is more comfortable and eye-friendly. Realme GT Neo5 is compatible with the 144Hz game mode of more than 10 popular mobile games, bringing players the ultimate smooth picture. At the same time, the first launch is equipped with a new GT mode 4.0 and a 1500Hz gaming control engine, making Realme GT Neo5 the world’s first mobile phone with a screen certified by SGS for sensitive touch, making the game touch operation more sensitive and precise.

In terms of network, Realme GT Neo5 adopts a new generation of full-speed antenna matrix system 2.0, which is optimized for weak network gaming experience. It is equipped with double-waist gaming Wi-Fi antenna design, free antenna switching technology, smart gaming network technology, etc. Game delay in weak network scenarios, improve signal strength, and intelligently schedule the optimal network, so that you are not afraid of delay problems under weak networks.

With excellent e-sports performance and comprehensive experience optimization, Realme GT Neo5 has not only become the world’s first mobile phone certified by the five-star e-sports standard of Teller, but also the official designated phone for the 2023 “Honor of Kings” national competition. Strict e-sports standards and the most advanced e-sports performance help every player realize their dreams.

Full-level experience without leaving any shortcomings, flagship main camera + smart infrared

Realme GT Neo5 not only has gaming-level performance experience, but also an all-round flagship without any shortcomings. In terms of imaging, Realme GT Neo5 is equipped with the flagship Sony IMX890 OIS main camera, which has 50 million pixels and a large photosensitive area of ​​1/1.56 inches. At the same time, in order to further enhance the user’s imaging experience, Realme GT Neo5 also brings a new upgraded flagship imaging algorithm HyperShot 2.0. The new generation of lossless computational photography Turbo RAW can greatly reduce the loss of picture information during imaging, and restore the most realistic colors and details. The first launch is equipped with a super cloud-level anti-shake algorithm, which can greatly reduce screen shake and blur when shooting sports shots, and improve video quality.

In addition, Realme GT Neo5 is equipped with the latest realme UI 4.0, and is equipped with intelligent infrared remote control for the first time, which also marks that infrared remote control will become the future standard configuration of GT series. In addition, there are all-round sensing enhanced NFC, X-axis linear motor, Dolby Atmos dual speakers, ultra-fast screen heart rate fingerprint, and Yami navigation and positioning system and other flagship configurations, which can be described as a grand slam of experience. Experience leapfrog to the end.

The whole platform will go on sale at 0:00 on February 15th, and the limited number of 1,000 units will be released first

In addition to the 240W full-level instant charging version, Realme GT Neo5 also brings a 150W light-speed instant charging version, and an upgraded 5000mAh large battery, which only takes 16 minutes to fully charge.

The 150W+5000mAh version of Realme GT Neo5 has three memory combinations:

8GB+256GB, the first sale price is 2499 yuan;

12GB+256GB, the first sale price is 2699 yuan;

16GB+256GB, the first sale price is 2899 yuan.

The 240W+4600mAh version of Realme GT Neo5 has two memory combinations:

16GB+256GB, the first sale price is 3199 yuan;

16GB+1TB, the first sale price is 3499 yuan.

Realme GT Neo5 will start pre-sale at 4:00 pm on February 9th. Participating in the pre-order can also enjoy 12 interest-free installments, as well as one-year extended warranty, one-year broken screen insurance and other rights and interests. At 0:00 on February 15th, Realme GT Neo5 will be officially launched on all channels. At the same time, in order to celebrate the global sales of Realme audio products exceeding 20 million, during the launch period of Realme GT Neo5, the original price of 199 yuan for Realme TWS earphones – Realme Buds T100 will be discounted by 100 yuan for a limited time, and the price will be 99 yuan. Give back the support of real fans.

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