Redmi K60 will be released soon, still adopts 2K screen and has a maximum capacity of 512GB

This year, the K50 series launched by Redmi has won the favor of consumers, mainly because the 2K screen used by K50 is indeed a high-quality product that is rare at this price. A mobile platform with high cost performance and balanced performance and power consumption has made Redmi K50 popular since its release. As the year approaches, many consumers are also looking forward to what kind of performance Redmi K60 will have. Recently, It is reported that the Redmi K60 will be released soon.

A few days ago, Lu Weibing, partner of Xiaomi Group, president of China and International Department, and general manager of Redmi brand, announced on social platforms that he has got a new mobile phone. It seems that the product launch is getting closer. Judging from the news revealed so far, Redmi K60 may be officially released on December 27, but the news has not been confirmed, but the final release date should not be far away.

Redmi K50

According to the current information disclosed on the Internet, the Redmi K60 may use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ or Dimensity 8200 mobile platform, while the K60 Pro may use the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, and will still be equipped with an OLED screen. In terms of storage and storage, this time the Redmi K60 series may have a combination of up to 16GB+512GB, and wireless charging may also be added.

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