The Vivo S16 Series Is Scheduled, Color Matching Gift For The New Year

The vivo S series has gained excellent user reputation and market performance in the mobile phone industry. As the new year approaches, the latest generation of the S16 series is ready to go. On December 15, @vivo official Weibo successively released vivo S16 series warm-up videos and press conference posters, and the official announced that the latest generation of S series products will be officially released on December 22. Combined with other previously announced information, the “Yan Ruyu” of the vivo S16 series will bring a huge breakthrough in appearance design.

In the officially released material, water, gift boxes and other elements follow the rhythm of the music, constantly rhythmic, and converge into the words of vivo S16, presenting an innovative gameplay full of various possibilities. At the end of the video material, the constantly rotating clock also hints at the key information that the new phone will be released at 19:00.

Jia Jingdong, the vice president of the vivo brand, has also announced the product pictures of the vivo S16 series on his personal Weibo, and the new appearance design and the innovative jade look and feel will also be announced immediately. There is no doubt that “Yan Ruyu” is the most interesting part of this new product official announcement. has learned that the new color scheme of the vivo S16 series is named Yan Ruyu, as the name suggests, the new machine brings a jade-like warm texture, and the jade texture strokes outline the light and shadow effect of jade. The unique body design allows the jade-colored warmth to flow in the back panel, endowing traditional materials with new aesthetic expressions, so that “warm and moist as jade” is no longer an adjective to describe the appearance of mobile phones.

The vivo S series has always been famous for fashion and beauty, and each generation of products continues to pursue youthful and trendy designs. For example , the “Monet Diffuse Color” of the vivo S7 series, the “Impression Pickup” of the vivo S9 series, the “Splendid Light Symphony” of the vivo S10 series, the “warm gold” of the vivo S12 series using photochromic 2.0 technology, and the “warm gold” of the vivo S15 series. The series uses the “midsummer” color matching brought by the newly upgraded fluorite AG process. The birth of each new color scheme comes from vivo’s aesthetic insight into the young people of today and the ultimate exploration of product craftsmanship. This time, the vivo S series combines the classic jade-like aesthetic with advanced technology to bring “Yan Ruyu” color matching, new material innovation technology, and the warm and jade-like aesthetic orientation will be the best gift “jade” item for the New Year.

In addition, in the product poster, the soft light ring element and the slogan “Double-sided soft light illuminates you and me” all indicate that the vivo S16 series will go further in soft light portraits. Portrait is the track that the vivo S series has cultivated for a long time. Over the years, what has changed and evolved is the portrait technology of the vivo S series, and what remains unchanged is the continuous cultivation and exploration of the portrait field by the vivo S series. From the vivo S1 series to the S16 series, the S series has gradually completed the evolution from “illuminating your beauty” to “illuminating my beauty” and then “illuminating you and me”. The vivo S16 series brings portrait lighting from the front to the rear, and the new double-sided soft light portrait is worth looking forward to. The vivo S16 series will officially meet with you on December 22. What surprises it will bring, it is worth continuing to pay attention.

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